Northwest Africa 1242 (MES-A2)

Country: Libya
State/District: Sahara, Gillio
Date of fall/find: Found 1985
Total known weight: 7 kg (approx.)
Number of pieces: 2
Type: Mesosiderite, subgroup A2
Shock stage: S1
Weathering stage: W0

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

Two fully ablated pieces of a mesosiderite (total known weight ~7kg) were found near the village of Gillio by unknown oil exploration workers and put into service as bookends for 13 years; purchased in 1998 by an anonymous dealer; reports of a strewn field are presently unconfirmed; classification and mineralogy: Type 2A; contains scarce, metal nodules up to 19mm in diameter; Mg-rich pyroxene overgrowths on Ca-pyroxene clasts; moderate resorption of plagioclase; orthopyroxene (Fs33Wo3) replaces pigeonite (Fs34Wo8) and exsolved augite (Fs43Wo42); plagioclase (An92); pyrrhotite, chromite (Al2O3=8.4 wt%); kamacite, 5.8 wt% Ni; rare taenite (42 wt% Ni), silica and phosphate; shock stage S1; weathering grade W0, S.S.Russell et al., Met. Bull. 86, MAPS, 2002, 37 (Suppl.), p.A157. Description; may be paired with As Sarir, K.Mazurek, Meteorite!, 2003, 9(4), p.38.

Specimen ID#: 3098
Description: Polished end cut
Size: 8 x 5 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 161 gr
Price: US$ 1,650.00


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