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Country: Mexico
State/District: Chihuahua
Coordinates: 26°58'N, 105°19'W
Date of fall/find: Fell 1969, February 08 0105
Total known weight: 2000 kg (approx.)
Number of pieces: many pieces (shower)
Type: Stone. Carbonaceous chondrite, (Vigarano group, type 3), oxidized subgroup
Shock stage: S1
Mineral analyses: Total iron: 23.85%
Olivine Fa10.0 (0-51), PMD 86
Pyroxene Fs4.1, PMD 74
olivine: Fa42-51 (matrix) olivine: Fa0-45 (chondrules)
Pairings:not known
Synonyms:Pueblito de Allende Qutrixpileo
Specimen ID# 43511 more of Allende
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